Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Belated Merry Christmas

Christmas eve we had dinner with Me-Me, Greg and Hans. Me-Me and I decided on a seafood dinner. She picke up the lobsters and I got the calms and shrimp. Hans was terrified of the lobsters and when Anna heard we were going to eat them she started to cry. "They are my friends. We can't eat them!" So yes we secretly hid and cooked the lobsters. I placed then at the other end of the table. When Anna came in to eat she requested to eat crabs too. So she eat and enjoyed the "crabs".

After dinner Gerard and Greg had a little elf work to complete. Me-Me and I cleaned up and the kids played. In all it was a wonderful night. We sat down and watched the Little Drummer Boy (my personal favorite) then we went to bed. Mrs. Claus dropped off PJs and notes for the kids. Anna kept telling us that she was going to get up and give Santa a great big hug. So this year Santa had to be extra quiet.

When we woke up Anna whispered "I think Santa was here." Quick as a wink she was out of bed and running down the hall. I was not fast enough to get her squeal of delight over the presents (hopefully next year). She hugged her horse Diamond and told him that she loved him.

This year was different from previous years because Anna can now read her name on the tags. Gerard got a fire pit that Anna has been dying for him to use. Anna got a small electric car. The funny thing is it took her over an hour to figure out that it actually drives. I got a mini-chopper that I wanted and a can opener (I really did want both of these items this year). I made Gerard promise that we would do the whole Christmas holiday for cash and we actually did. I also got a couple of gift cards for Disney so I will be making my reservations for July for our stay prior to the cruise.

I can not believe that 2013 is right around the corner. How is it possible? I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.


Barb said...

Beautiful photos of Anna :)

JennStar said...

Love her smile!!! Yes- book a room!!! Can't wait for July!

Melissa said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!