Monday, October 6, 2014

Rocking Horse Ranch

Well earlier in the year I had asked Anna if she wanted to go to Rocking Horse Ranch instead of having a party. When she saw the horses that was what she wanted but I did cave and still manage a friends birthday party as well. For those of you who do not know about Rocking Horse Ranch is a resort in upstate New York that includes unlimited horse back riding. We got a discounted rate do to it being Girl Scout weekend which made it more reasonable for us. One added bonus was that the resort also becomes alcohol free.

Not to say that Anna has never seen anyone drink but I just don't like having her in an environment that includes lots of crazy drinking. Just an FYI, on the Disney cruise I did see people drink but one was drunk or out of control in my opinion unlike another cruise I was on. So basically it was a good kid friendly environment.

The resort included everything. The only thing we did end up buying were a few pictures of Anna on a horse and the cutest pair of pjs. Anna was so excited to be able to ride independently. She was really good at directing her horse. I just love how into horses she has been and still is.

My day today will be filled with pricing lessons for her now that she is 7 we feel that she can handle it along with going to school. Here are the pictures from our trip.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Bike riding SUCCESS!

Apple picking

We were lucky enough last week to be able to go apple picking with a few friends and Hans. We went to Russo's Orchard in Cream Ridge. When I had to travel back and forth to Trenton to have the apostilles done for paperwork I found this little farm. In the summer months we go there to pick raspberries, and blackberries. This time it was for apples. It was neat to see her play in the sand area that she played in as a baby.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Birthday Pictures!

My beautiful baby is growing up.

7th Birthday

Today is Anna's birthday. How did that happen again so soon? I put a 6 year old to bed and now she is 7! Our day yesterday was spent having a party with friends. It was not my first choice and believe it or not I actually didn't want to have a party. As crazy as it sounds I have be battling some social anxiety in the past couple of months. Parties make me nervous, the thought of a party makes me a little nervous. I am hoping this will soon pass. Gerard thought it was funny until he realized I was serious. I have dealt with this in the past so I am sure I will deal with this again.

But on to the fun stuff. In the beginning of the year I asked Anna what she wanted for her birthday...a party with friends or to go to Rocking Horse Ranch for a weekend with us. She picked Rocking Horse Ranch. I was excited and honestly it is way more money then a party but I also thought she would have a ton of fun going. So I looked for a deal and found one. We leave for the ranch in 2 weeks for a long weekend of swimming and horse back riding.

While we were at JM's (Our niece who just turned 3) birthday party Anna quietly called me over looking a little sad. She said "Can I talk to you?" My response was of course. She told me that she was sad that she was not having a birthday party. My heart broke a little. So after talking it over with Gerard we decided on a party at the local gym. I sent out invitations and was thankful that we had a few people respond. Actually 11 of her friends were able to come. She was happy which makes me happy.

It was a horse theme of course. We had cowgirl hats and blow up stick horses. Her cake was decorated like Brave. The funny story behind that is when she asked the baker to decorate it like Brave his response was "The baseball team?" The whole party went off without a hitch. Gerard has warned me that he will be working late so Anna and I are on our own tonight. I am hoping to get a good picture of her today. Her two top teeth are almost completely grown in.

I love the person she is becoming. She has such a kind heart, big imagination and a real sparkle for life. Not a day goes by that I don't question why I was so fortunate to have been giving the gift of motherhood and her as my daughter.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Trying to ride a bike

Somehow we have only had the bike out a handful of times this summer.  Gerard pointed out to me that her school is less then a mile from our home and we could probably ride to and from if she wanted to.

Although I agree it is close I just think she is getting a little old for the baby seat on the back of mine. Now that the weather is cooling down (today was in the mid 70's) I am ready to tackle this learning to ride a bike again.  So we met up with some friends at the park because it is a nice paved spot to try. Anna was in tears because Gerard lifted her training wheels slightly.  After a few trips around she was better. I think it is going to take more effort then I first thought.  I really am in no rush to have her ride. I am enjoying this stage.

My baby on her 4 wheeler.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Disney Vacation

Earlier this year it was Gerard's parent's 50th wedding anniversary. The plan had been for us to all go to Mexico over Easter. The cost of the airfare was so outrageous that I just could not justify spending that kind of money. It would have been close to 4500.00 for us just in airfare. We then talked about going to Disney. We were surprised that it was so much more reasonable. Last Tuesday we headed to the airport with our bags packed to fly to the most magical place on earth. I remember secretly whispering to Gerard that on this date 5 years earlier he was picking us up from the airport.

Five years! I just can not believe that she has been home with us for 5 years!

Five years later

Our first day was spend at the pool at the Wilderness Lodge which by the way is becoming my new favorite place to stay. It was hot! I mean really sticky hot about 105 degrees. Also know as hot!
This is the first vacation that we have taken with AM and Eddie in about 10 years. We had all decided to go to Maine for the Lobster Festival and it was unseasonably hot (also 105 degrees). This was JM's first trip to Disney so we were happy that they let us tagalong. We covered so much in the 3 days that we were there. Anna got to meet Anna and Elsa (two of her favorite characters). We ate at the Royal Palace with a bunch of the princesses. Also at Ohana. Wow was the food good at Ohana. I highly recommend this spot for dinning. When the fun at Disney came to an end Gerard, Anna and I headed for the west coast of Florida.
We stayed at the Tortuga on Anna Maria Island. What a beautiful resort. It was not big but the beach, room, and pool were just the perfect way for us to decompress from our time at Disney. Next year I have booked the Disney cruise again for us but I may decided to for go that and revisit the Tortuga instead. It was so peaceful.
This vacation was money well spent. This summer has been busy. Every spare minute Anna and I have gotten we have been busy either camping or going to the beach. I realized that we had left Gerard out of some of the fun. This trip made up for that. In all the trip was short 3 nights at Disney and 2 at the Tortuga but still it was just what we needed to celebrate being a family for 5 short years.
Papa, Anna & JM at the airport
Grammy and Papa on the plane in their matching tee shirts
On our way to the Magic Kingdom
Roller coaster with Daddy
Meeting Cinderella at the Royal Castle with JM
Meeting Elsa
And Anna of course

The tea cups with AM, JM and Daddy

Telling Daddy secrets at the beach
Today has been filled with laundry, paying bills and all stuff that is boring but must still be done.