Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Too many pictures, the Nativity and a visit with Santa Claus!

So I feel very behind this year. My Christmas cards have been delayed...Yikes! A few elf like duties are still not complete. As Anna's classroom mom I was kind of talked into gingerbread houses for the class party so I have 20 to put together for Thursday. Anna has a concert today at 1pm at school. I will not miss and the list goes on.

I gifted my sister a photo session with a local photographer that I have used in the past. I think the pictures turned out pretty nice but when she was putting together her card she realized that one of the babies had not been pictured.

This is Jenny and the girls. We always try to picture them in birth order. When it is a single picture it is very hard to tell them apart. So from left to right is Jacqueline, Jennalynn and Jillianna.

This one is my favorite however but I like weird picture or so I am told.

That is Bernie their father on the end. It is beyond hard to get the three of them to look at the camera. The song 2 out of 3 ain't bad usually pops into my mind.
This was the set up and it just did not seem right to not include a single shot of one of the girls.
Which brought us to yesterday. She called to tell me we needed to get it done so she could get her cards. Big sigh on my part because I do feel a little overwhelmed but honestly I do love taking their pictures and she is so good about letting me do anything I want with them so how can I protest?
Her only request was one group shot and an individual one for each of them. This is the part where you should get ready to be flooded with pictures...

These are some of my favorites. I realized this morning that the setting on my camera were not perfect and I may force her to let me retake them...LOL

I think they may be teething. They are in birth order

These are of Jacqueline


Apparently they think their Mother is very funny

Jaqueline and Jennalynn in the background

Jillianna. She will be the first to crawl, walk and talk even though she is the baby baby

Jennalynn and Jillianna




So as you can see they look so much alike that it is a little scary. We got her cards printed and now that is one thing off the list.
Gerard and Anna set up the Nativity the other day. It was only fitting that I got the token picture of her riding the cow.

It was too wet and too cold in my opinion to make Gerard get on the roof for the Christmas lights. I wish that I would just come home and they would magically be there but my nerves can not take watching him hang off the roof to get them up. We were able o convince Anna that lights in the bushes were a good alternative.
Now for our visit with Santa! Anna has been going through a bit of a tomboy phase and really does not like to wear dresses. I know the horror of it all especially during the holidays. She is also refusing to wear bows. She told me "I just want to be like everyone else!" Aside from the bow refusal I have quite a bit of personal conflict with that statement. I am a bit unique and I love that I am. I want her to love her uniqueness too. That is a whole other post so off to Santa we went. Gerard was able to convince her to wear a bow and her Christmas dress over her pants. I still think it is a good look.

So this has been my last couple of days. Off to fall asleep for the another 15 minutes.


tiffany said...

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Adrienne, Another Ordinary Miracle said...

The triplets are so precious, and Anna riding the cow made me LOL! Love her Christmas dress and all their pjs! Lily often wears ruffle pants under her dresses because I never know when she will be hanging upside down from a tree branch or piece of furniture :-) Merry Christmas, friend!