Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas tree is up

The first year Anna was home we were so busy that we did not even get the tree up until about 3 days before. We only had about 5 decorations on the tree. Gerard was sick and in the hospital. I remember being mad, just plan old mad. It was not what I wanted for Anna's first Christmas. The next year I promised it would be different and it was. This year however seems very rushed to me. Even though I have been off more than usual I just do not seem to have the time to complete the things that I need and want to complete. Now I am sick.

You ask then why are you awake at 3 am. I simply can not sleep. I had to finish my final exam by this coming Sunday and I felt as though it was weighing on me. I woke up and took it. I passed the class with an A. That is done and completed and I feel so much better.

Earlier last night Papa came over to help with the Christmas tree. Gerard was only able to lift the tree into the stand then had to take a nap. I fixed the branches, Papa and Anna did all the ornaments. Thank goodness he came over because I was fearing that we would have a repeat of our first Christmas with a tree without any ornaments. Now I understand that it is not about the decorations but there is something so wonderful about a tree that is decorated.

This year as I helped to unpack my ornaments I felt a little sad for Gerard's Mother. She lost all of her ornaments in last years flood, she lost her Mother's Nativity too. Anna kept asking when I got this ornament or that ornament. I know I am blessed.

Here is a picture of Anna and Papa after the tree was decorated. More about the Nativity tomorrow.