Saturday, June 29, 2013

Horse sounds

I never want Anna to stop playing. To say I love to watch her play is a severe understatement. She is so creative. I love hearing her line up her guys and act out stories from her head. One of my favorite new saying that she has started to say is "Mom can I have Dad? I have not had him for a long time." He is really good at playing too. They make sounds and roll around on the floor. It is such a pleasure to watch.

As I type this she is making him a pretend ice cream cone. Chocolate for her and vanilla for him. This morning she had a bunch of guys tucked in around him. I snapped a few pictures so that I never forget how much I love them both.

We decided to go to breakfast. Which is one of my favorite things to do but because I work the night shift I almost never get to do. I almost never get to eat pizza which is another favorite...Back to the story. After we ate breakfast we decided on a trip to BJs to pick up flooring to place under the pool. Anna was in the cart pretending to be a horse, Gerard was pushing the cart. The two of them were making some pretty realistic horse sounds. Anna was hiding under the floor mats. I was following behind far enough to watch and close enough to hear them. I passed this lady to thought Gerard a little crazy with the horse sounds until she saw Anna pop her head up out of the cart.

I am still chuckling over this one.

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Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Love that. When our men get down and do things on the kids level, life is precious. Awesome even.