Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Third one gone

There are certain milestones that as a mother you hope you are able to be there for. I did not get to see many of those milestones for Anna. Well today was with her when she lost for third tooth. The first she lost with Gerard at a birthday party. The second one wax with Me-Me. Today it was my turn. We were snuggling on the sofa this morning. Anna asked me to hold her like a baby so I did. I do love those moments especially now that they are coming a whole lot less often. She started to wiggle the tooth and I could see that today was going to be the day. About an hour later the tooth was out. There was barely a drop of blood. we sent pictures to Daddy and called Papa right away.
I just love my sweet baby girl.


Ms. Elaine said...

She is growing up oh so fast! Take more pictures when she loses those top teeth....I think she will be singing the song "all I want for Christmans is my 2 front teeth"

Ms. Elaine said...

should proofread Christmas!