Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sticker Chart

In our house we have instituted the sticker chart. It has been going strong now for about 3 week. I strongly encourage this for anyone who is having some difficulty with chores or behavior. I can not believe the difference in Anna. Anna and I decide at the beginning of the week as to what she to do to earn a sticker. We started off with brushing her teeth and putting her shoes away. This week Anna asked me what else she could do for a sticker. I was a little shocked and happy all at the same time.

We sat down and decided on 15 minutes of independent reading, putting her shoes away, picking up toys, brushing her teeth (am & pm) and vacuuming the kitchen with her dirt devil. She LOVES the dirt devil another thing I highly recommend for children her age.

This morning she got up brushed her teeth and was picking out her sticker. Then she looked at me and asked for another one. I asked her which chore she would like to do. She decided on vacuuming and ran for the vacuum. So this morning Anna earned two stickers and I have a clean kitchen floor. This has made everyone happy.

I know for her the best part is picking out which sticker she is going to get. It can be a difficult decision after all. I love how she takes her time and looks at each sticker carefully before she decides which one she wants. I encourage her to take her time making the decision too. I pray that as she gets older this will help her to understand that she needs to take time to think about the decisions that she is making.


Steve Finnell said...

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Naomi said...

Great idea and I will be stealing some of your chore ideas! Does an accumulation of stickers=some kind of treasure or treat? Great job Anna!

Deb said...

I never thought about letting her pick her sticker. So glad you mentioned that.
We did the sticker chart with behavior and it worked great. Need to pull it back out again.