Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Her water broke!

I was sound asleep in my hotel room when my phone rang. I hear Jenny's voice on the other end telling me "I think my water just broke!" All I could think is oh crap! She is officially 30 weeks and 3 days. She was asked to go to the nearest hospital to be transported the rest of the way by ambulance. Well to make a long story short she is finally on her way to her hospital by ambulance.

I am praying that even though her water is broken for one of the babies the doctors will opt to not deliver her for a couple of days. It is still better that they stay inside if the babies are not in distress. I am so worried but I am finding comfort in sitting here quietly and praying that all will be okay. I just know that God would not bring her this far to break her heart.

Two of my sisters are with her and the other two are on standby in case she does deliver. La-La is also with her. If you all did not know I am a bit of a micro-manager in situations like these so being so far away is difficult. The funny thing is that my sisters know to write down my instructions and usually tell me to wait until they get a pen.

I called my work to warn them they Jenny is in route via ambulance in the event that she starts to deliver. They laughed and said they are ready. The funny part is I know that they probably are ready.

I just can not believe that she might deliver without me. I left strict instructions that none of my sister and two of my friends are not allowed to deliver while I am out of town. I guess no one listens (insert smile).

Please pray that they are able to hold off the delivery for a couple of days. I am more home sick than ever now. Anna asked Gerard tonight if I was home. She spent the evening with La-La and that made her happy. I wonder what she will think  of the triplets when she see them. I will update as soon as I know more.


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...


Praying for you sister. . .and for you!! : ) It will all be well.


Jill and Cliff said...

We will keep her and the babies in our prayers!!

Mary Ann said...

Saying a prayer for ALL.

Kristen said...

I've been reading for a while but rarely comment because I am usually reading on my phone but when I read this post on my phone I had to come to the computer to send you a quick message.

I have been praying for your sister and her triplets. I have a twin sister and she had fraternal triplets in 2011.

Her water broke at 20 weeks 6 days, she delivered baby A at 21 weeks 3 days. Sadly she did not make it because she was just too small and underdeveloped. Baby B (boy) was born 8 days later and Baby C (girl) was born 3 days after him. They are both happy thriving one year olds today. Your sister's babies are much further along than my sister's babies were, they are much stronger. I've been praying for these miracle babies since you announced them! I have faith that all will be well with them. We serve a mighty God!