Friday, February 8, 2013

Making my preparations

**Just a quick note about the sticker chart. Anna is just fine with getting a sticker but I think as she gets older and wiser she may want a reward when she reaches a certain number.

For the last week I have been dreading Friday and the weekend. I know this so does not sound like me. Next week I will be traveling for school to Independence, Missouri. I will be gone a total of 7 long days. I knew this was coming up so I should not feel this way but somehow going this time feels much different than the last time.

I guess there are a few big differences. The first trip was only 4 days and it was 2 years ago. So what has changed in two years? Well our attachment. When I left the last time she asked about me but when I got home she was not excited or phased in the least. She was less verbal and thinking back she perhaps was mad at me that I was gone but it still felt as though she was indifferent to me being gone.

Fast forward to the present. Anna and I spend much of our time snuggling and playing. She is such a big part of my life and I am an even bigger part of her life. I hear her play with her toys and much of the talk involves the Mommy and daughter talking. I have told Anna that I will be gone next week but that she will be home with Daddy. Nanny will stay at our house and Papa and Grammy will also help out. She has already told me that she is sad that I am leaving...insert my breaking heart.

We talked about how I will call and talk to her everyday. I also have put together a treat bag for good behavior from the dollar store. I had been hoping to be put on call tonight but it has been crazy busy at work so I will need to go in I think. The list of things that I need to complete is so long that I fear I will be up for the next couple of days just trying to finish them.

My biggest hope is that I will be able to finish a number of projects for school during the evening next week. Each class has a tremendous amount of little projects like 75 each. If I can knock out 10 additional ones for each class that would be a big help. Wish me luck on that.


Melissa said...

Love the sticker chart. We've been thinking of starting an allowance for Colby, also teaching him money. We'll see. He is so good about most things, just wis he picked up his toys like he does at school and daycare. And yes, lots of snow today. No school and Mike can be home to paint the upstairs hallway. We're getting somewhere!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Love your sticker chart! Wish I had gone that route. . .We do the allowance thing. But, accountability is the hard part.

and love the attachment!!! It's so good to see how much Anna has grown and changed. It's all you and Gerard, too!