Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Has it really been a whole month?

How did an entire month slip away without a blog post? Well I guess a recap is in order. I have finished my classes. I worked hard and got an A in both. Now that they are done I am taking the summer off. So my classes will not resume until September.

The triplets are home and doing well. My sister is just plain exhausted. Thank goodness she can tell them apart because no one else can. We were lucky enough to have 2 sleep overs this month with one of them. The first to spend the night with us was Jillianna Marie (She is the baby baby). Anna was not jazzed about it. Jillianna is still so little that she requires feeding, diaper changes and tons of sleep so once I got her settled Anna was better. This was about 2 weeks ago.

Our second sleep over was the other night. Anna did much better. We had been out getting their pictures done and out of the blue Anna asked if one could spend the night. Jenny is wonderful when it comes to Anna and her anxiety about the babies so she let her pick which one got to spend the night. This time she picked Jacqueline Catherine. I thought it was funny because I think she picked her because she was the one that was not crying at the time. For this sleep over I was allowed to hold her a little bit longer. So I am guessing it will be Jennalynn's turn next.

In the last month I have seen Anna both regress and grow emotionally. I am fielding a lot more questions about her birthmother. Every time she brings up her birthmother she tells me how much she loves and misses her. I love that she loves her as much as she does. I keep reassuring her that is okay to miss and to love her. She talks about going to see her birthmother and I also support that too but when she is a little bit older.

There has also been a lot of talk in our home about going to the beach. Next week I have to make a point to drive over and see the progress. We may not be about to use our favorite beach and may have to decide on another beach for the summer. I also need to buy our beach badges. We have so many plans for the summer. A couple of us are thinking about camping on the beach in Virginia. I am leaning towards renting a house there in August. Time will tell.

The Disney cruise...AHHHH! We have made our final payment. When I looked at the calendar at first it seemed so far away but in reality it is not. I have to admit I am having a hard time sleeping if I go to bed with the cruise on my mind. We still need to finalize our airfare. I told Gerard we need to step up our savings toward the vacation.

That is basically it. My camera has become a little dusty over the past 3-4 months. I did manage to get a picture of each of the kids for the blog so here they are.

Jillianna 2 months

Jennalynn 2 months

Jacqueline 2 months

Hans 3 years 11 months

Anna 5 years 7 months


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Whoa!! Wonderful pictures. Wonderful plans. Love that you are thinking beach! I can't wait to go. . .Happy Spring!

Melissa said...

Great pics of the kids. Boy has Hans grown. He looks like such a big boy. And all the girl are as cute as can be.

Laura said...

It's so hard these days to keep up with the blog, eh? I know the feeling but try to make a point on a monthly basis to document the growth and challenges that Kristina is experiencing, as I'm sure you can relate with Anna.

oh, yeah -- and that cruise....I'm losing sleep, too! Can't wait!!