Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Saturday afternoon...

This past Saturday I was suppose to be at the Created for Care conference in Atlanta like last year. At the last minute I just thought it was too much on my family for me to be away. So instead I made sure my homework was complete and that I would devote the entire day to Anna.

We started out as usual playing with the guys in the living room. Now I really do love watching and listening to her play. She makes up such wonderful story lines for the "guys". While playing we went from the living room to her bedroom. Once I was in her bedroom I realized that it had been FOREVER since I had gone through her clothing. I busted out some new long sleeve shirts and shoes from the next size up box I keep in her closet.

I stopped and looked at my growing baby and realized just how much I have missed of her young years. I think this has all really hit home for me seeing how little Vicksey, Flower and Hun are. Those are the nick names that Anna has given them. Personally I like them so that is how I will be referring to them.

The other day we were unpacking some of the things that my sister has gotten for her girls. Anna's face beamed. She jumped into the bassinet and pretended to be a baby. It was both cute and sad all at the same time. I wonder if she was picked up or if anyone even stopped to notice her first smile. She is really not doing well with the idea of me holding one of the babies. We are reassuring her that she is my ONLY baby but on some level she is still so insecure with that.

I have been able to take a couple of call offs which has been good because I am able to spend more nights with her. She has told Gerard and my Mother recently that she really does not like it when I am working. Bless her little heart that she wants me here all the time. I really wish that I could be off for a couple of months with her.

As far as the triplets go I am truly amazed as to how well they are all doing. There have been very few bumps in the road for them. Their feedings are up to about an ounce which is good. I do however believe that all three will need a monitor when they come home because of apnea. I am still holding out hope that they will straighten out and not need the monitors. Only time will tell.


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Give Anna a hug from us. We notice how much she is growing too! Love her smile. While you can't get those early days back with her, cherish every moment you do have That will help her.

Missed see you post, dear friend! But, I know you've been busy.

Melissa said...

I am so happy the girls are doing well. Your sis is so blessed. I will be looking for your advice as we adopt again. We have decided to try domestic. It is our only chance for a baby and it seems like it just might work. I'm not sure how Colby will react to a baby but for now he is excited. I'm already bracing for a relapse as Mommy takes care of a baby. Oh boy!

Ms. Elaine said...

So glad to get an update. I think you worry too much about her not wanting you to hold the babies. My granddaughter (who is a birth chld) does not like it when her mother holds her nephew....it is just a child thing....they do love their mommies and want ALL the attention.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the triplets are doing well! Love your blog still in its sweet simplicity and honesty!! I would love to be FB friends, so feel free to look up Julie Reardon Walker (the Julie W who had the unemployed husband for so long!!)