Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daisy Scouts, Super Bowl and general stuff

We have been so busy with the Daisy scouts and we are both loving it. Anna will ask "Are we having a Daisy scout meeting today?" I feel so fortunate that we are paired up with a very nice co-leader. It makes it so much easier to be with someone with really likes doing it. I admit I was a little worried in the beginning but she has been a true blessing. The other children and parents in the group are also amazing. I think each one of them brings something special to each meeting.

I was never a Girl Scout growing up but I did have that secret desire to be one and wear that little hat. I bought Anna the hat which she dislikes wearing but I still love it. I am actually quite shocked by the opportunities that Girl Scouts in out area have available to them. I busted out the calendar the other day and quickly filled it up with programs that I think Anna will love. She has been to a few that the council has hosted and liked them all. What I did not realize the biggest challenge would be was the amount of money that certain events cost for the troops. Right now we have a grand total of 28 dollars in our bank account. That really does not go far when you figure in patches, journey books and craft supplies. We are making it work which I guess is a good thing.

Anna still has a fascination with horses. Even tonight she was the only one rooting for the Broncos. We are avid Seattle fans. I have to look around to find the pictures from when Gerard and I were in Seattle many years ago for the playoffs. Gerard became a Seattle fan when the team was first formed which is very funny since we live in Eagle country with the Giants and Jets fans all very close by.

Anna is really starting to read well. Her favorite books star an elephant and a pig. I have to say I enjoy listening to her read. I am certain that she will be a teacher one day. All of her cousin usually have to sit down when she conducts "class" It is officially 11 days until her next vacation!! I had wanted to go somewhere warm but my budget minded way of thinking says we should just stay home. I do want to plan at least one or two fun activities for her time off. When I looked ahead to my school schedule it appears to be a light week for me so I am excited.

I am thinking about having my blog printed. I know, I know I have said this before but this time I mean it. The triplets birthday is right around the corner. They have grown so big. We are planning on doing birthday pictures with them eating cake! It should be fun. Otherwise things are running pretty smooth around here.

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